Gems and jewellery require careful treatment to retain their beauty and to withstand ordinary wear.  The durability of gems and jewellery is dependent on setting, storing, handling, cleaning and wearing.

As gemstones can scratch each other, it is important to store your jewellery in its own cloth-lined case or pouch.  Always move jewellery with care, using a soft cloth or tray.  Do not expose your jewellery to rapid or extreme changes in temperature, which can fracture gems.  Avoid extended exposure to strong light and direct sunlight, which can fade or modify the color of some gems.

Pearls are the softest and most sensitive of all gems and should never be allowed to come in contact with any substance containing acid.  Over time, perspiration can also dull pearls.  Apply hair spray and perfume before putting on your pearls.  Always remove jewellery before bathing, washing or performing any activity involving constant use of the hands.

Most jewellery can be cleaned by placing in warm water containing a mild liquid detergent and scrubbing gently with a soft toothbrush (or artist’s paintbrush for pearls).  Rinse each piece thoroughly and dry on a clean absorbent towel.  Do not use household bleach as it contains chlorine, which damages gems.

This simple care and regular maintenance will help to preserve the lasting beauty of your jewellery.