History and Heritage

Manawmaya is a family-owned and operated company whose early roots begin in the mining town of Mogok, Myanmar (Burma), famed for its rare pigeon blood rubies and royal blue sapphires.

Mogok is a renowned place-once traversed by collectors, traders and adventurers from around the world seeking its treasured gems.  To this day, Mogok is considered the source of the Burmese colored stones trade, where all the great gems are discovered.

The gem legacy of the Manawmaya family was begun by U Hmat (1841-1916), the chief ruby miner to the last king of Burma, Thibaw and the patriarch of a long line of gem miners and traders.  U Hmat and his family operated in Mogok during the golden age of the gem trade in Burma, from the late 1870s to the 1960s.  Until the mines at Mogok were nationalized in 1967, U Hmat’s daughters, Daw Khin and Daw Than operated the premier Loke-Khet mine, well known for producing high quality, historically significant gems.

In the half-century since the Mogok gem industry was transformed, our family has focused on gem trading. In 1995, Manawmaya House of Jewels was established to diversify the business into retailing fine jewellery. Today, Manawmaya is run by U Hmat’s great great granddaughters, continuing the tradition of serving quality gems and jewellery with knowledge, integrity and expertise passed on for five generations.

History and Heritage
About Us

Since 1995, Manawmaya has specialized in creating fine jewellery featuring Burmese ruby, sapphire, jade, pearl, peridot, spinel, moonstone and other colored gems.  Our creations are individually handcrafted, assembled by a dedicated team of in-house designers and skilled craftsmen.

Our brand is synonymous with exquisite, unique jewellery.  Manawmaya creates jewellery that marries classical motifs with eastern style and grace.  Each of our creations is one-of-a-kind, as rare and beautiful as the storied gems of Burma.  Our designs highlight and draw upon the natural beauty of gems.

Manawmaya is involved in every stage of the jewellery crafting process, from sourcing the finest stones from mines, to sorting, cutting and fashioning them into elegant jewels.  Following over two decades of tireless creation, our goal is to give exceptional value by offering exquisite gems and well-made jewellery to meet the expectations of our discerning customers.

About Us
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